The Salmon with Egg salad Dressing

Lohi ja munavoikastike_Westend Mum

The Karelian pastry is a traditional Finnish delicacy. Karelian pastry with the egg salad is combination made in heaven. That is the reason I get exited about this recipe, which I found from bottom of the drawer.

First you have to make the egg salad and remember to season it with white pepper and salt. Put the egg salad to the pot and heated it for as little bit. At the same time add the spring onion and dill to the mix as well as the roe. Let it only get heated, not boil. The fried fish goes great a long this dish!

The result was a mixture, which reminded a little bit of the scrambled eggs, but dressing that was not. It was more of a like side dish to the fish. The taste of the dish was okay, but eating warm roe just felt so wrong..! On the other hand the egg salad mixture is worth of trying!

Is the roe your treat – or am I the only one here who is drooling over it?

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