The Giveaway Winners and Summer Post Schedule

Arvonnan Voittajat ja Kesan Postaustahti_Westend Mum

The giveaway, which Särkänniemi amusement park and Westend Mum organized together, was a huge success. The competition collected whopping 435 interested participants only in a few days when the draw was going on. Two pieces of the packages of two park passes has been drawn now and the winners are…

Susanna Schultz


Katja Farin

Thank you all for participate and congratulations to the winners!

About the summer post schedule: I am not going to make any summer break from the posting but at the beginning of July the pace is going to be three times a week (at Monday, Wednesday and Friday). The pace will normalize at the first few weeks at August, when the every day life returns to all of us again.

Happy weekend!

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