Guns N´Roses: Not in this Lifetime

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Yeah… Not actually my kind of music, but we made a compromise: The husband got to the concert and I got the trip to Wien. So both of us were happy! The band did also come to Finland but we do not like the festival way operated gigs. We wanted to go to the stadium concert and combine it with a vacation to Austria.

Rock concerts are usually started later than it has been told (so disrespectful for the audience) but this time they started three minutes too early..! We thought that we did leave in well advanced but due to the traffic and the fact that they started the concert on time we did miss a few first songs. That was a pity but luckily the show was long – almost three hours! – so there were time to see and hear.

The concert was sold out so there were so much people! The crowd filled the whole place and the field looked like a waving sea. Although the music did not raise big feelings for me it was lovely to see how the others was so taken by the music.

I guess the biggest different to Finland was the alcohol. There is not as strict alcohol policy at Austria as we have here in Finland and they are able to drink while sitting in their seats. The more liberal alcohol policy has its good and bad sides. I was shocked to see that some of the people (who I bet had too much to drink) throwing filled water bottles and mugs from the upper seats to down and at the field to ahead. The thrown objects landed heavily to unsuspecting listeners head. Sick, don´t you think?

There was also some magic at the night. I would have wanted to capture the image where the people had their phones flashlight on and they were dancing at the darkening night. It looked like the stadium was filled with tens of thousand of candles. Like I said, it was magical.

Although the concert may have enchanted many of the listeners, the reality was thrown into our faces when we left the stadium. I had seen many police inside also but there were a lot of them outside. The road that leads to the stadium, along which the over 65 000 people will be soon walking, had been closed as a safety reasons by parking the big bus across the road. This is the world we are living in…

Luckily everything went fine and people were able to experience a great concert and had some marvellous memories with them.

Have you been at the Guns N´Roses concert somewhere?

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