The Rose Cake filled with Candies

Karkeilla taytetty Ruusukakku_Westend Mum

We celebrated birthday here some days a go. I baked a rose cake, which is inside filled with candies. I tried to get some pictures from the inside also, but the reality is that it was so messy looking that I did not take the picture.

The idea of this cake is great! The cake is made at the normal way, filling it and letting it set in the fridge. After that I took a piece away from the centre (not down to the bottom) and filled it with candy. You can put the lid back on if you need a flat surface. Then I just put the frosting on and the rose cake was ready!

We have had many sunny days, which is so nice! This summer ended up being warm and sunny after all, although the forecast predicted otherwise. Obviously warm summer means different to all of us, it depends on how you define the word warm…

I still have the winter coat on my neck – that is a Finish way of saying that I have not jumped into the sea this summer. And I am not going to either. The summer has not been THAT warm. But how about you, have you been swimming a lot in this summer?

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