5 x The City of Vienna

5 x Havaintoa Wienista_Westend Mum

Vienna is such a beautiful city! I strongly recommend you to visit there, if you have not been there already.

  1. The city feels very familiar, be cause it is very similar like as the city of Helsinki (at the city centre area). There are lots of same style houses in both of the cities – obviously more at Vienna due to the reason that it is so much bigger than Helsinki.
  2. Wine is cheap. Thank you Finland and our taxes…
  3. Traffic can be quite bad, like in every big city. We got to experience that by our selves when sitting at the taxi, going to the Guns N´Roses concert. We got there late, like I wrote in here.
  4. In Vienna / Austria you are allowed to have a cigarette outside at public places, like restaurant terraces. That is so weird (and actually quite annoying). It is funny how easily we people get to use to the rules, which we are giving in. It is not that long time ago when we Finns could have a cigarette at the restaurant terrace also..!
  5. Hop On – Hop Off -busses work very well. The routes have been planned well and it is very interesting to stop by the most famous sights in Vienna. Funny thing happened at the bus. We sat down, searched the right channel and started to listen the English commentary through the headphones. I was a little bit surprised when I noticed that the commentary came as a children voice. I just thought that it was cute and continued listening. The child voice talked about quite funny things, like at the museum he did say that the place was not that bad as it sounds like etc. Even in that point it did not ring a bell at my brain. Only when the husband said something about what he had heard from the headphones I started to wonder why I haven’t heard about those things. Well, I guess I have not heard about those things because the voice kept the story short and sweet – at the children’s side

Have you been at the city of Vienna? What is your favourite place there?

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