12 + 1 Things which our Children will Never Understand

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Do you remember ever to roll your eyes and thought that your parents must have been born in the middle ages, when they go back in time and reminisces things from their childhood? You know… We are getting quite old too… At least if you read the list below and think how you would really have to explain those things to your children in order to them to understand them! We think that we are young and cool and “nothing-like-our-own-parents-were”, but I would bet many of us has used the phrase: When I was young…

Traditional TV, video and VCR

The children at today can not understand that there has been a time when you are not able to decide yourself what program you want to watch at that point but you had to watch what the TV was broadcasting. And you could not rewind the TV program. If you wanted to tape the program, you had to have another machine (quite big one) as well as the tapes were also big.

Today: All you need is an Internet and a tablet or cell phone then you are good to go and watch almost what ever when ever.

Photographing with a film camera and its development

You needed to have a specific film roll in order to take pictures with your camera – and that was not that cheap. The development of the pictures did cost a little fortune, actually so much you could not just randomly take pictures. The development process of the pictures was also more laborious than now a days: You had to go to the store and wait the pictures like a week.

Today: Everyone has cell phones with actually very high quality camera inside then. The development of the pictures takes no time.

White and yellow pages (contact information!)

Before the time Internet (yes, there has been a period of that kind) people checked others contact information from these big and clumsy phone books. You knew the alphabets in every order possible back then right..!

Today: You can search the info from online or call to a service number. Social media has also the most of the needed information already. Just think about the opening hours of businesses. How awkward it was to the businesses to update them.

Printed map

This famous phone directory had also a second purpose: to be a map service. If you had to stray to somewhere, you pick the phone book up and searched the place from the map. After we finally reached the Internet era, we were able to print the map to go with us – so cool..!

Today: Your phone tells you everything. Just click-click where you need to be and some nice voiced person tells you how to get there.

Video rent stores

These places had had another reason for existence in addition to be a candy store. Back then we actually rent a videos, then VRC tapes or DVD´s.

Today: Netflix. You do not have to get up from the sofa.

Connecting to the Internet, modem 

Everyone remembers the beeps and cracking sounds, which came when you “logged into Internet”. That process did took a little time..! And you were able to browse the Internet until your mother wanted to use the telephone. Because telephone + Internet at the same time – no can do..!

Today: You are online almost always.

Cassette player

When I was in my teens, I had a stereo in my room, with radio and cassette player. When I heard my favourite song coming along, I ran to my stereos and pushed the rec. That’s how we ended up getting our favourite songs to tape if we did not want to buy the whole cassette.

Today: Spotify etc. bring our favourites to you. Even the CD album in now a days so out-dated.

Landline phone

My grandparents had a landline phone, where was instead of buttons you should press, a round thing you had to rotate. Okay, that model was old school already back then.

Today: All you need is a smart phone. Today a phone that is bind to a place or time is weird.

Show times at the newspaper

Come on, think about it! If you wanted to go to the movies, you did fish out the news paper somewhere in order to see the show times.

Today: All you need is a smartphone.

Clumsy game consoles

The game lovers had many different machines: Pong, Game Boy 8 bits with monographic screen…

Today: Smartphone or tablet, maybe a light and airy computer. You name it.

Phone booth by coins and card phones

This is so nostalgic! Do you remember how if necessary we phoned from the phone booth that you did miss the bus and you are coming home a little bit later? I have to say the phone booths (which did smell like a urine) were quite nasty. Then those disappeared from the street view and were replaced with the wall phones, which you need to have a telephone card in order to use it. I do not have that much experience from those, that era went by so fast for me. Maybe the cell phones had arrived already? I also remember the time when car phones was hottest new thing. My dad had one and it was so huge!

Today: Smartphone.

Fax machine

We do have faxed now days also, but those are so moderns compared to the old ones, which did this beep noise and did output this smooth and strange feeling paper. I remember how I was able to play a secretary and fax some documents on behalf on my parents. It took some time because the machine contacted when was in the mood.

Today: E-mail.

What funny things from the past do you remember?

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