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I recently told you about his hotel, via video. The hotel is so gorgeous that I wanted to share also these pictures I took and tell you a little bit about it.

The house, where Hotel Imperial Vienna is located, was originally built as a private residence for a Prince of Württemberg. It was translated as a hotel at 1873. We stayed at the Deluxe-room, which was at the fifth floor where we were able to enjoy the beautiful view over Vienna. The room had it´s old glam luxury style, as the rest of the hotel. Everything brought to my mind Empress Sissi. Over all the room was amazing but the greatest part was bathroom, which was so big and there were marble everywhere.

Every morning we started the day with a champagne breakfast. The warm dishes were made from request and the cold ones was at the buffet table. It was nice to see that the allergies had been taking into consideration and there was even four different kind of milk. Due to the great weather we were able to enjoy our breakfast always at the terrace where was fun to watch the awakening of Vienna. One morning the peace and quiet of the breakfast was disturbed when I arrived and while standing near the buffet table (at the centre of the room, obviously…) I flew away a fork so that it landed to a porcelain plate – breaking it with a big noise. Oups… Then what? Nothing, because before I even noticed, few pairs of hands with white glows on it, had cleaned the mess, unnoticeable, quietly and efficiency.

In addition to the Café Imperial, the Hotel Imperial Vienna has another restaurant and really cosy and welcoming bar area. There we sat and talked about what we have just experience, after the Guns N´Roses concert.

Even thought the hotel was amazing, I have to say that there was a little bit that kind of hierarchy stiffness, which we Finns do not care about that much. For example: We needed new slippers to our room. When we were going out, I stopped at the reception and asked about it from the older gentleman who was standing at the reception. Well, that was a mistake… After hearing my problem he looked at me with almost offending and disapproving face and said that I should talk to the housekeeping. When I explained that no one did answer the phone, he just shrugged his shoulders and started to serve the old gentleman behind me. Me (with my questions which was obviously addressed to a wrong place) was ignored like an irritating bug. For a while I danced around thinking whether I should tell loud and clear what I was thinking, but I was peace-loving mood so I led he and his stiffness be.

Oh yes, I really have to tell you about the hotel’s source of pride, which is Imperial Torte. The legend tells that it was invented this young apprentice who made it to honour Emperor Franz Joseph I at the time the hotel was opened. The recipe it self is obviously top secret probably due to its competition with the similar Sacher Torte. This kind of treats was waiting on the bed when we arrived to the hotel.

I have to say that the hotel was fantastic. Even our very talkative taxi driver did get carried away when speaking of it. He was amazed about the fact that people who likes rock music stays at the conservative hotel like that. He said that normally he drives people there from opera, not from big stadium gig. We gave him our own ad speech about Finns who loves rock and metal music, and by the time he heard the magic words (Lordi´s Hard Rock Hallelujah), he understood.

The taxi driver told also that he and his colleagues discovered very beginning of their careers that there are many great hotels at the city of Vienna. There are five star hotels like Hilton and InterContinental – and then there is Hotel Imperial. One of a kind.

Regardless of the saying, sometimes everything that shines really is gold.

On which basis do you choose your hotel?

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