Visit Espoo: Angry Birds Activity Park at Oittaa

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The Sun pampered us at one day so we think about what we should do. The husband remembered this outdoor activity park, which we had only visited once briefly before. Despite that Westend is located at Espoo like the park. So we packed some lunch and a lot of water, splattered us with the sun cream, packed to the car and drove to the park.

The children enjoyed them selves so much! The park is quite big and contains a lot of activities for the Children. There are lots of activities for the children in different ages. The other area is mainly for bigger children. There is this climbing ship, which is called the Pearl of Oittaa. It is big and King Pig guards it. The story tells that the big are tying to rob all of the bird’s eggs to their ship. At the inside the gate there are area for the little children. There is this thing called “Fortress”, where angry birds are guarding their eggs. The Golden Eggs has been hide to the Fortress as well to other places at the playground so children are able to try to search for them.

The Angry Birds Activity Park can be used for free of charge so you do not have to spend even a single Euro, if you do not want to. Obviously there are cafés and so on, in case you want to buy ice cream or eat there.

The park is located in a beautiful place, just at the beach of Lake Bodom. We only went there to play a bit and eat our own lunch but you are able to enjoy the area the whole day. The beach is big and there are playing fields where you can play volleyball etc. There is also a disk golf track near by, so the area is great place to hang around at summer day!

Have you been at the Angry Birds Activity Park?

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