Gluten free Lime Cheese Cake for the Summer Night

Gluteeniton Limejuustokakku Kesailtaan_Westend Mum

We had guest few days a go and I wondered what to offer to them. The children wished to have a cake, so I decided to do this summer coloured gluten free lime cheesecake.

I got some help from the children. They like to mash the gluten free digestive biscuits (150g). After that I mixed them up with 60 g of melted butter. I pushed the mass into bottom of the baking mold (20 cm) and put into the freezer.

Then I put 4 pieces of gelatine leafs to cold water, turned on the mixer on to make foam from 2 pieces of egg whites. I also added 1 dl of sugar to the foam.

You can imagine what a noise here was, when I put another mixer to do its work, this time 2 dl of whipping cream. When that was ready, I took a third bowl (yes I know, sounds so laborious, but believe me, it sounds lots worse that it is) and mixed there 200 g of unseasoned cream cheese, 200 g vanilla curd as well as some vanilla aroma.

At this point one of the bowls flew in a beautiful arc and landed to the kitchen floor. This is what happened when they’re a so many pair of hands to work in the same kitchen. After all that cleaning and redoing what was in the bowl I was quite tired for the whole thing and made the rest of the cake in a way that the bakers would cry. So I mixed all the three bowls together (yes, I mixed them up, did not fold) and added there some lime juice which I had been heated up so that I could have melt the gelatine leafs in to it. I poured the mass on to the biscuit base and again put the cake to the freezer to set.

The glance is easy to make from the jelly sugar (2 dl) and boiling water (4dl) where I had mixed up some lime juice and green food colour also. When the mixture had boiled again I let it to cool down while stirring it at time to time. I poured the liquid on top of the cake and again, put it into the freezer to set.

The cake tasted good – not mind blowing – but it was nice. Our guests did like the cake so I was happy.

What kinds if (gluten free) cakes do you usually do?

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