Suomenlinna – it is time to up grade the memories

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Suomenlinna is an island, which is located in front of the city of Helsinki. It is a fortress and it´s value is significant because it is a strong part of Helsinki´s identity. The island has seen a lot and it has been a great shelter as well as an action station during the time of war. Now days Suomenlinna is every tourist must see, while visiting in Helsinki.

Every one of us who’s living in near Suomenlinna, have been there many times. The schools makes trips there and people tend to go there just to hang around in a sunny summer day. There also lives people, who – I would guess – do not appreciate the celebration and party entourages, but that is what they have had been used to by living in the most famous island of Finland. Most of us have made picnic trips there at the age of young adults. We all remember the now days kind of shameless actions like beer bags and using the outdoor toilet (without the toilet…), so the place sure has its memory value! We do not present the place to the children as a messing around place from our youth, but as a respectable destination, like it really is.

For me it is also nice to go there again to admire Suomenlinna´s beautiful nature and views as well as in the same time to enter into the historic, with a new mind set at this time. It is also great to be able to create new memories from Suomenlinna trips, this time with the family. Although there is nothing bad with the old memories, so we all keep them with us also.

We met the grandparents at the pier, where the ferry carried us to the Suomenlinna port. The children did enjoy the ferry trip so much and the weather was great. We had a game plan to walk through the island to the other end, called Kustaanmiekka. At Kustaanmiekka, there is located Pizzeria Nikolai, which was our goal destination. The Pizzeria Nikolai had has it name from Nikolai Sinebrychoff, who founded the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries to Suomenlinna at the year 1819.

The children were offered leaflet, which included a map for all the destinations, which would interest children. While we were clumping forward we saw many people with the smartphones on their hands. The husband remembered that Suomenlinna is a great place to play Pokemon GO game. So the smartphone was taken out from the pocket and the game was played at the same time we walked through the island.

The children enjoyed also the big bridges, which we had to across in order to get to the next island. Also the different kind of holes, where they did shoot out at the wartime did interest them. When we finally get to the Kustaanmiekka, we climbed to the top of the hill and wow… What a view.

Pizzeria Nikolai had a warm and welcoming inside but due to the beautiful weather we sat in the terrace to eat. By the way, the pizza was very good, so I can recommend the place if you are visiting Suomenlinna!

After the meal it was time to head back home. We entered to waterbus, which sailed from different island, ending up to the market place Kauppatori. This route went through this island called Lonna, where is located a great restaurant, or that is what my friend told me. I need to visit that place some day!

Have you ever been at the Suomenlinna or do you have some similar places where to visit in our country?

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  1. Vahva suositus Vallisaarelle! Vesibussi lähtee Suomenlinnann lautan vierestä Kauppatorilta, ja maksaa 8 euroa meno-paluu. Vallisaaresta näkee suoraan Suomenlinnaan, ja on hauska katsoa Suomenlinnaa välillä eri perspektiivistä.
    Vallisaari on ihana yhdistelmä täysin koskematonta luontoa ja kauniita saariston maisemia. Suomenlinnan tapaan sieltäkin näkee Helsingin keskustan tutut kohteet, kuten Tuomiokirkon ja Linnanmäen.

    1. Kuulostaa ihanalta, tuo täytyy kyllä kokea! Usein Suomenlinnassa käyneenä tuo vinkkeli olisi tervetullutta vaihtelua 🙂

      Pahoittelut muuten, että tähän vastaamiseen meni näin kauan. Jotenkin oli jäänyt huomaamatta!

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