The Fall is here!

Syksy tulee ja Arki alkaa_Westend Mum

Now the summer vacation season is over and it is time to get back to the routines of every day life. This summer was quite quiet here at my blog but I have done a lot of research here and I have many nice things coming along later on this season. Now is also time to get back at the normal post rhythm so post will be flying out every weekday.

The summer was not only lounging because the coding has been speedy and I have now opened this English site of Westend Mum. There is mostly same content as at the Finnish site but now it is easier to find. Hope you like it!

I have also made life easier for you and made email list, so that you can order the new post to your email. In that way you are the first to know about new posts so it is a great way to follow the blog! You can find it from down below on the right side of the navigation bar.

The summer went ahead so fast again! Luckily the “fall is coming” at this point, means only that the school season started – not that the weather will cool down. Hopefully anyway. I have not tried the city bikes, which can be borrowed at the centrum. That is on my To Do -list before the snow comes again.

The best thing in this summer has been the activity. I feel like we have done a lot and we have achieved much. How about you, what has been the best thing in this summer?

And please tell me what do you think about this English site? Better now than before, when English post was under the Finnish ones I guess?

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