5 Ways to get back to the Everyday Life

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Okay, I would bet that every one of us would admit that we are lazier during the summer time and the things may kind of get carried away. You might to go to sleep like few hours later at the same time you get up late at the mornings. Well, this is not the case for the families with small children, due to the fact that we have those organic alarm clocks, which do not know the thing called holiday time and wakes ups us early in the morning. Either way, we have also been more sloppy with the routines at the summer holidays and we have been eating too much of sugar treats as well as greasy food (so yam…).

Now has become the time to (I do hate this saying) get back to the every day routines. We have to get back in line but the question is how? I am still struggling with the early mornings and my sugar tooth is aching. Well, you should follow these steps in order to have the smooth slip away to the everyday life – and it is going to happen more easily than you even think of!

  1. Get your self out from the bed early. Yes, I know… THAT is the problem, you cannot and don´t want to wake up early. But if you wake up early you are able to make the day’s work out, tasks as well as the errands in early and you have the night for your own time. The fall has come and that brings all the work and other responsibilities with it, but that do not mean that the summer and all the fun is over! So get that bump up very early, so you have the evenings for your self.
  2. You should treat your self by having a sparkling summery drink. Can you still taste the mojito at your lips? It is probably better to avoid drinking the strong cocktail at the weeknight just after getting back to work, because that might make it difficult to make the clear separation between the everyday life and holidays. In the same time you should remember that there are lots a great summery drinks, which are not made with these substances, which – how do you say it – expands your mind.
  3. Get your daydreaming in curse by using the lists! Many of us hate lists, but I do think that they are very efficient. You should try to make a list for the next day, either at the end of the workday or at the first thing you do at the workday. In that way you do not only daydream through the day – it is time for that after all the boxes of the list has been done (or shifted to the next day, like I did just the day after writing this post. Yep!)
  4. The weekend is not only for lying in the bed or sofa – so action action action! Does this sound too cruel? Of course you are able to – and you should also – reset your brains and get some time to relax, butbut… There are many hours in those two days when your are able to make some stuff happen in order to make the next week a little bit easier for you. If you do few of the chores waiting for you, that is a bonus time for the workweek. Many busy bee-moms make the weekday meal in ahead of times, at Sundays, and freeze them in the right portions. By doing that they saves a ton of time after the workday.
  5. Prioritize like crazy! You have all the time in the world – at holiday, not at the everyday life. So you have to be a tough cookie and say tight NO, if you do not have enough time. My friend tested this method a while back, but the poor thing used it in the wrong audience. She did stand in the front of the executive team and told them loud and clear no. Well, as you might guess that did not go so well, so please try to remember where and who to start this method..!

After doing all of this, you are able to shine away, because congratulations, you are now the Mrs. Perfect. Yes! That is our goal – or even is it..?

What are your survival methods in order to get back to the routines after the holidays?

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