The Trampoline Park eats away the Fat – or at least makes you Laugh!

Rush Trampoliinipuisto_Westend Mum

So if the park does not burn the fat away, at least it is a lot of fun! For starters I have to apologise for these pictures, which has been taking with a cell hone at a poor lightning. I went there with the husband and we did notice that the jumping at the trampoline was quite a good training! The jumping around was such a lot of fun that you do not even notice that your are exercising. The place is great for adults as well as the whole family, but if you have children with you, you are not able to jump as freely because there you have to have eyes at your bag also.

Before we went to the trampoline park, we wondered on how we should dress and how the whole process is going to go. Luckily there were introductions at online, which told that the dress code was plain training outfit and the socks with sticker on the bottom, which you should buy from the front desk. You were obviously able to take the sock with you and use them time after time, so the price (3 euros / socks) was not that bad. The cost for an adult was 14 euros, which brought you the right to jump an hour in the park.

When we arrived to the Rush trampoline park we had to read the safety introductions first as well as watch the video (which we rebels skipped). At that point I thought that the safety rules was an irritating need for the park to cover their own backs, but while watching the events which take place at the park, I thought that maybe the introductions was in place. Overall the park is safe, but the thought that you always landed to a soft area, creates a feeling of false security. I saw a man to jump so high and while landed, he put he’s hand in front of him, the other one turned the leg under him and third one landed on his neck. In all of these cases everything was fine, but I understood that anything could happen. Thumbs up for the security!

There were a few of different kind of activity area at the park. The main area was this big jumping area, where you was able to jump from the walls also. Then there was this circulating bar, which you had to jump over, a jump tower where you could jump into – not sea – but to a foam sea. So the activity was covered nicely.

The thing I missed was the guided exercise class. Do not get me wrong, jumping around was such a fun thing to do, but after a while, well… You just jumped around. I would definitely register to a class due to its fun – not to mention the effectiveness of it!

If you are a child at heart, a dare devil or just a happy bunny, you should definitely go to try the Rush Trampoline Park. I found it a fun place to be – the husband also said that I was smiling like the whole time!

We also noticed that the trampoline park has these – how do you say it in English – “neon times”. I mean that they lid the UV-lights and you are able to jump at the fun and different lightening and atmosphere.

Have you been at the place like that? What did you think about it?


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