Date Night and Visit Espoo: Restaurant Haukilahden Ranta

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The summer has gone mostly with the family so our date nights have been on a break. Now it is time to kick these date nights on going again so we decided to go and try out the summer restaurant, which is located at the nearby Haukilahti shore. I have been at the summer restaurant ones before, when I stopped there to have coffee with my friend, but now was the time to see what it offers at evening time.

Restaurant Haukilahden Ranta is obviously located at the Haukilahti shore (ranta = shore). Not literally at the shore, like restaurant Haukilahden Paviljonki, but very near the sea altogether. The terrace is huge and the menus and wine list are comprehensive enough. We had not eaten that much sushi, but we have been interested to get to know the dish better for a while now. So we ordered sushi plates, which are imported there from the restaurant Yuzu, which is located deeper at the Haukilahti area. The sushis were so good… I could have eaten more. I checked from online, the restaurant Yuzu makes home deliveries to Westend also. Not that good for the wallet.

I noticed that I am very beginner at the world of sushi. For example I do not know the difference between sashimi and nigiri so I cannot say what I ate. I just ate and it was great! I should how ever to get to now more about the matter during the fall.

It is so nice to be able to support the local company. Our date night did go so much smoother due to the fact that we did not have to drive anywhere or wait the taxi etc. We were able to walk to the restaurant and back. Obviously this is everyday life to people who lives at the city centre, but not us suburbanites. (Westend is located from 10 minutes drive from the Helsinki city centre.) Tapiola, which is kind of like Espoo city centre, is located at the walking distance from Westend, but I would not really use the term walking distance but more like a hiking trip. It was so great to walk home, hand in hand, listening the ocean.

What do you think about sushi? I guess it is these things, which people either love or hate – in which group you belong to?

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