The Fall is here, open the TV!

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Yeah! Many of us dislike the time of fall, but there a many good sides on it also. Like the New Year, fall brings us the possibility for a fresh start – and brings us also all the new TV programs!

I am such a TV lover and I have to say that I am quite happy with the program supply for this fall. Here are some of my must see programs for this fall. I have to add that these are not the high cultural pleasures, but just plain nonsense. I will catch my “more” civilized cultural supply from somewhere else.

In a further ado, here is the must see list for the fall of 2017:

  1. Master Chef Australia
    I do admit that these kind of reality shows which has been on the air for a long time, could some times be a little bit boring, if they do not be (usually not) renewed in some fashion. The MC allures me because it offers such an incredible dishes as well as a new knowledge at every season. I suck the information like a mushroom from that program and I have to say I have learned a lot – a lot.
  1. Our story
    Okay, I will give it a change. This is a Finnish show and usually (sad to say) they are not that good. There is a good possibility that I am going to shut the TV after a first 30 minutes, butbut… Maybe the program gives me a pleasant surprise – it will probably not do that – but lets have some faith people!
  1. Say yes to the dress
    Although my own wedding is in the past, weddings still moves me. I like to plan parties and wedding is such a beautiful party! And the dresses… Oh my, the fashionista inside of me is screaming of joy.
  1. The comedy kitchen
    A Finnish show again, which I do not know anything about. But it contains the words comedy and kitchen, so fingers across!
  1. And wasn’t there coming a new season of the Bachelor also?

What there are on your list of must see shows for this fall?

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