Golden protective shell to Kindle

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I told you earlier the Kindle reader, which I got few months a go. Well, that poor thing broke down. And I do not understand how… Once I just read it and after that I put it away like I normally do. A little bit later when I was about to read it again, it did not work anymore. The display had some lines on it, inside. I was amazed, because it looks like the Kindle reader had broken by itself.

The husband visited at the Amazon support page and learned that other users had had the same problem. He made reclamation to the store, we he had purchase the Kindle reader. The result was that the store did not replace the reader, because they believed that the reader had gotten physical damage. They justify their decision by saying that they had found a little mark from the plastic border and that is from where the internal fracture had started to spread. Hmm… The children are not allowed to use technical equipment’s as a throwing bags at our house, but if that is what had happen, I do not understand how the fracture will appear few days after the possible incident.

Well, the Kindle reader was long gone, so we had to buy a new one. This time I decided to buy a protective shell also – just in case. I did click-click my self to the Amazon where I find this golden shell. It is so sparkly and beautiful! I was a little bit afraid that the lightness of the reader would be damaged. It did come a bit heavier, but not too much so that it would worsen the user experience.

The protective shell to the Kindle was a good buy. Do you use this kind of protective items for your machines?


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