5 Tips to get that Bum Moving! (+ the winners for the Spectrafence giveaway)

5 Vinkkia saada pylly ylos ulos ja Lenkille_Westend Mum

So let´s start with this Spectrafence giveaway, which as expected got really great popularity and raised much interest! The mailing list filled with several hundreds orders at the same time my article circled around social media, reaching estimated 15 000 people in different countries. Thank you so much for participating the giveaway and congratulations winners Emilia Hovinmaa and Piia Keskinen!

Then to the main point:

And again I said it: The fall is here. That may be as a shocker, but also as a new beginning. You may find it be difficult just to get the everyday life rolling, so I can imagine how some of you feel about starting the exercise season – because trust me, I know the feeling! If the exercising is not your thing it will ask a motivation, lots of it.

Due to the summer time over-indulgent, lying on the beach or just vacating may have left their marks, it is time to fix the course on its rack again to chive a healthier lifestyle. These are the tips I am going to follow, please join me in the ride!

  1. Schedule your workouts. It seems that everyone is so busy now days, especially us moms, who are taking care (also our husbands as well as) the little ones. Most of us has this family calendar, where we put all the information about children’s hobby’s – and I dare to say also the husbands hobby’s too – but not your own, because you do not have the time for yourself. If you have not booked the time for your own hobbies, you should do that now. The time seems to be vanishing, but if you book the time before hand, you will pleasantly surprise to see that you really do have it!
  2. And if you really do not have the time for your own hobbies, think from where you can start searching for it. I totally understand that after the children has gone to bed, most of us just want to plunge to the sofa and just reset our brains. But still… In what time your children goes to bed, at half past seven? And in what time you would want to be asleep, half past ten? There you have three whole hours to spend. If there is a will, there is a way to be able to find some alone time and use it for the training sessions AS WELL AS for the sitting on the couch, which obviously is such a nice thing to do after a hectic workday.
  3. I will not go to the classes where the instructor is screaming to “give it all”, despite you can taste the vomit in your mouth. I start the training season much more subtle way, by limiting the amount of the session for ones or twice a week and changing it for a nice walk down the Westend shore.
  4. The so-called tool sporting is something which some of us dislike. But hey, if the nice top and beautiful fitted yoga pants gets your bum to the gym, then why not! Obviously it is nicer to suffer in beautiful outfit then in a bag – don´t you think so?
  5. Do not forget the possibility to have an exercise at your own house. I totally understood that sometimes there is not time, possibility or willingness to leave the house. That’s okay. Sometimes is better just to be. But if the leaving the house part is the worst part in this process, remember you can easily have the training session at your house. Now days there are such a many apps, programs, epcuitments and things, videos and sound things, which helps you to exercise at your own family room.

By the way, remember to choose the training method, which makes you happy. There is no need to do something, which you absolutely hate. If you want to have exercise and have fun at the same time, you should try trampoline park like this, which I told you recently.

What is your favourite training method?

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