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Like I told you earlier, we fell in love with sushi and the Restaurant Yuzu while we were on our date night at the restaurant Haukilahden ranta. Our sushi tooth still ached so we decided to order in some sushi. What happens was a major rush and fatigue (read: absurd laziness) and we were not that keen on walking to the Haukilahti – so we decided to order the sushi by home delivery.

The restaurant Yuzu offers home delivery free of charge for the orders, which are over 30 euros. The sushi lovers know that if there are few people eating, the order will definitely be over 30 euros. So I went online and started explore the menu. There were no pictures at the online service, so I had to start educate my self right then and there – that´s maybe a good thing. So I googled the worlds like sashimi, nigiri and maki, in order to be able to make the order. I found this little guide for dummies, which helped a lot.

After learning a lot I started to click-click-click the items into the basket. The usual online shopping result happened: Things got a little out of hand… I was so starving that the idea about the food runs out too early was awful. This is what I ordered: A few pieces of Shake Nigiri (salmon) as well as Yaki Hotate Nigiri (grilled scallops with mayonnaise, teriyaki and chives). Besides that I clicked in few rolls of Maki: Shake Maki (salmon) and Yuzu Maki (lightly grilled salmon, mayonnaise and spring onions). I also wanted to test this thing called Sushi Burrito, so I ended up ordering one of those also.

When the food arrived I was relieved that there was enough of food. In few minutes I noticed, that there was a lot of food..! And it was so good… The children was a little bit taking back about the dish, but they are going to get used to it, after we are going to eat more of it.

Oh no, it was a bad idea to write about this matter while I am hungry. I wonder how late the restaurant Yuzu delivers..?

What is your favourite dish you usually order in when the graving strikes?

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