Some one needs your Help – Will you Help them?

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We were invited to a birthday party. The hostess made a wish that instead of giving her a gift we could make a donation to some charity organization. I really do appreciate that kind of selfless thought and straight away I started wondering to what cause we would support.

It was quite challenging to decide due to the fact that there are so many who needs help. We ended up making the donation to the breast cancer organizations, because that is a general decease in which so many women are fighting against.

I do like this kind of campaign style helping, like you might remember me telling you how we donated some cloths to India (sorry that one is so old post that it is only in Finnish). Many of the charity organizations offer the possibility to acts as a month donator. You should check out different charity organizations websites, if you are interested.

In which way you give your contribution to the world?

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