3 x The Content of my Evening Bag

3 x Juhlalaukkuni sisalto_Westend Mum

You cannot fit all the stuff you want into the tiny evening bag, so I am forced to try to down size the content. But there are few items that I cannot life without, so some force has to be used in order to get them all in.

  1. Make-up mirror. Although that in the weekday I usually just put on my make-up at the morning and after that I do not even watch to the mirror before it is time to remove the make-up or what there is left of it (yes, that is something I should work on), but when I am at the party I act otherwise. This little make-up mirror enables me to quickly check the status without running in and out the ladies room.
  2. The bag hook. This is so lovely piece and it really makes life easier. You know the times, when you are wondering where to put your purse and you end up putting it on the floor? With this you do not have to do that anymore, because the hook makes it possible just to dangle your bag right beside you.
  3. Business card case. Obviously I do not bring this along when I am at private party, but at the business evening gatherings this is must. Now day people connect at the digital programs, but many of us still uses these. This beautifully decorated case is very appropriate to pick up from the evening bag at the middle of the party.

Which items are so important that you take them along in your purse or even hidden at your stockings?

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