Chanterelle sauce and Beef Wellington

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The chanterelle sauce recipe that I tried yesterday was fantastic and the sauce tasted like heaven. Some of you who are chanterelle fanatics might know this one, but to some of you this sauce is going to be a new and exiting recipe.

My mother in law has taught me this recipe. How she starts to do this sauce is going to the forest at their summer cottage and picking the mushrooms up with her own little hands. That is the part, which I definitely skip. I like to buy my chanterelles from the market, cleaned please… So I chop the mushrooms as well as the onion (the stem also) and sauté them in the pan in a mixture of oil and butter. After they are a little bit softened, I add the stems. After that I add a little bit of flour as a thickener and mix that in. Then I pour some food cream with a little bit of water and season the sauce with salt and white pepper. I let is sizzle for a while.

The best dish ever is chanterelle sauce with new potatoes.

So let´s get to the meat…

I have watched this TV-show called Hell´s Kitchen, on which every season there was course called Beef Wellington as one of the hardest dishes to do. Ramsey used to shout with his head turning red, when the contestants blew up the dish, serving under or over cooked fillet. I always wondered is it really so hard that the contestants who were pro´s could not properly cook the Beef Wellington.

I decided to stop the wondering and try cooking the dish myself. I took a large freeze packet of butter dough (what word do you use if it..?) to melt at the counter. At the same time I did brown every side of a beef fillet (the ends also), which has been standing about an hours at the room temperature, about a minute / side. I seasoned it with salt and black pepper and left it to cool down.

I made the filling by using the mushrooms called chanterelle. Currently their season is on in Finland and they are such a rare delicacy. I chopped the chanterelles, as well as onion and sauté them at the mixture of oil and butter. I seasoned them with salt, black pepper and thyme and left them to cool also.

Then I put some Swartswald ham on to saran wrap, layered the filling on it, then the fillet and then again the left of the filling. Then I wrapped the fillet inside of the ham and made it as a tight package.

I rolled the dough to as a large square and set the whole thing on it. Every part of the dough should be lubricated with an egg mixture so that the package would hold it together. Then I folded the wide edges in and turned the fillet so that the seam side was under. I closed the other ends by using a fork and then I put the egg mixture on everywhere. After that, I let the Beef Wellington to set at the fridge for about 10 minutes and then I baked it in the 200 degrees Celsius oven about 30 minutes. At that point the thermometer showed that the inside temperature was 55 Celsius so I took the Beef Wellington out of the oven. I let it rest for 10 minutes.

At the show, Hell´s Kitchen the contestants are always so terrified, when they have to reveal the outcome of their Beef Welligton. Sweat pouring from their forehead and hand shaking they sliced the first piece. Well, I did not sweat, but I have to say it was kind of exiting! There was no one to be shouting to me if the fillet was wrongly cooked, but it would have been annoying. Luckily (yeah!) the fillet was just at right. I guess Ramsey might comment something about the wetness of the bottom, but this was just fine also. I danced a little victory dance and – as a modest person I am – I went to get the husband there to praise my performance and me.

The taste was also delicious!

And hey, the answer for my question about how hard is really is to make the Beef Wellington. The answer is that it is not that hard – if you are using the thermometer like I did. Without it the whole thing would have not gone as great so I do understand the Hell´s Kitchens contestants who have problems with the Beef Wellington. I am into the consumption that they are not allowed to use the “amateur equipment’s” but have to manage on their own.

What do you think about this dish – are you going to make the Beef Wellington? And do you enjoy mushroom dishes, or even the mushroom hunting in Forest?

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