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5 x Homma Hanskassa_Westend Mum

You might be a stay at home mum, career mum, lady without children or a lion mum of a five toddlers, I am sure you are a busy bee – that´s what kind of world we are living in! When you have like million things to do, you are in danger to collapse under all of that workload. In order the collapse do not happen, you should get your things together by organizing.

Here are five tips, by which I can keep up with the hectic, mixed, surprising and speedy every day life:

  1. I do love lists. I write them a lot, but due to my sometimes kind of rambling timing I am forced to sometimes kind of tune them (read: move the tasks to another day). Well, no one is perfect – I keep telling that to myself.
  2. Make strict schedule. Put all your and everyone else’s goings to the calendar. If it is not in the calendar, it does not exist. Bye bye to the husbands complains that today is the “guys night out” – if he has not write it down, it is not going to happen. Sounds too much of a dictatorship? Maybe, but the surprises were nice at the age of 20+ – now days it brings along the unneeded mayhem to the everyday life. If you are inclined to work too hard, you should try to schedule your self both work as well as free time. You could also share the free time for a family time as well as your own time, if needed.
  3. Keep your workspace neat. Others love the chaos, but I cannot believe that it is good for getting thing done. The controlled chaos is a different matter, but either way I favour clean and sleek surfaces in order to get the job done. Luckily now days we do not have that much of a papers lying around at our desks, because everything is digital, but also the digital files can be one big mayhem also! So try to get your workspace organized (whether it is the paper at the desk or the digital files and documents on the computer) so you are able to find what you need and do you things faster.
  4. Answer you emails immediately (oh well, at least quite soon…). I have noticed that if my inbox just keeps growing, I will forget many of the important messages, which were there, waiting me to answer them. It is quite awkward to answer someone like two weeks later, while the person may have waited your answer eagerly. I myself hate when people do not answer my messages within in the same day – that is just rude! I try to be better on that myself, sometimes with a great success, sometimes not so much…
  5. Forgive yourself. Despite of the hard trying, sometimes the things just go downhill no matter you do. What can you do! Then you just need a new game plan – this time with a proper and more forgiving time schedule.

What do you think, does it sound too much disciplined or just the way to go for you? How do you keep all things organized so that the every day life goes smoothly?

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