7 ways to get more Glamour to your Home

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I have been often asked tips on how to décor the house. It is such a difficult thing to give advises due the fact that people have so different tastes – my tips might not suitable for your style! There are no right or wrong when it comes to decorating your home.

However there are few tings that suit for most of us, regardless of the style genre what you like. With these tips you can have an instant luxury and glamour in you home, especially if you will combine these together.

So, do you want to have a tiny bit of luxury for you everyday life? Follow these steps so you can get started!

  1. Yep, and right away here is a cobbler giving advices – with out the shoes I mean. This tip is about artwork. I do not mean that you should pop the Rembrandt to the wall, but just some beautiful piece. Big and showy work of art is a statement piece, which brings up the image of luxury. I have hard time to find nice pieces, due the fact that I am tooooo selective, so this is one tip where I have also room for improvement.
  2. Drapes. I dare to say that drapes are the element, which often are forgotten. The length is also sometimes problematic. Big and heavy drapes may bring too much of a dusty feel, but you should use another kind of fabric. Silk drapes are really showy, even when it is in one colour. Let them drain a little bit to the floor also, that makes more majestic feel.
  3. Silver trays. Those brings instant glimmer of shine to a room. The result is always perfect, if you place some vases or candle holders on the silver tray. Also the silver coated tray is just fine – who really sees the different from far away.
  4. Flowers and glittering vases. Like I mentioned, you should place the vases on to silver tray to make wow effect. Also different kinds of arrangements are beautiful. Just remember to place different highs and sizes elements in order to get that full filled outcome.
  5. Mirrored surface – those make a great impact to an ordinary décor. Of course those are ruthless because it shows every single fingerprint and dust, but oh so beautiful!
  6. Set the table nicely – always. At the weekday also. When you are in hurry you obviously want to just stuff food into you mouth, but why not set the table beautifully even at the weekend? It will make you feel better! The fine china (which is most times hand wash only – huh..!) is a different matter, but you should select carefully your everyday china also. You are allowed to have some eye candy on Mondays also!
  7. Lightening. It really is a big deal! Usually people here at Northern countries either switch all the light on, trying to drive away the darkness, which is present so many months of the year OR they are very aware of things and only use the lamps which are in the room they are currently staying. But still, do not forget the lights, they easily make or break the décor and the feeling of a home. I want to encourage you to use dimmers. In that way you can adjust the amount of light and the warmth in the room. It is a great idea also to focus the lights into some carefully picked items, like artwork or a glittering vase. And do not forget the power of flame! Obviously candles and candlelight bring so much to the room. Do not settle for the ordinary IKEA candleholder, you are allowed to use the great big candelabra at weeknight also!

So there were a few tips, how was it? I have to admit, those are the cleaners nightmare, but in my mind so worth it!

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