5 Steps to Simplify your Life

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Are you moving too fast? Does it feel like that after waking up the whole day is just running from there to here – until you fall in to bed late at night. You are not alone with this. We all have that same problem! So let’s do something about it, in order to get the grip of our lives.

The life’s bigger aspects are a different story, but you might have some help for the every day routines by these tips:

  1. The make-up. Younger I made the whole make-up very neatly, very perfectly every day – and did even remember to fix it during the day! Now days the goal is still the same, but the implementation limps. I just cant get my self out of the bed so early that I am able to make a perfect make-up every day. So I cheat a little bit. I invest in one part of my face each day, normally in hectic weekday, to my lips. If you use bright and bold colour on your lips, you can leave the eye make-up to a minimum, only mascara is needed. That is how you save lots of time at the morning! So lets all go a head to the winter, with our lips painted in rose red.
  2. I know that all of you dental professionals will be devastated of what I am about to write, BUT if it just happens to happen that you kind of forget to brush your teeth’s, keep the bottle of mouth water on your desk or some gum or pastille at you purse. They freshen up at the moment and you can ease the guilty conscience by scrubbing your teeth’s better at the evening.
  3. Plan your day’s outfit at the evening before. Yeah, I know… Only un-human people do that. The rest of us who are normally mortal, just run to the walk-in closed at the morning to find that everything is dirty. But should we try this?
  4. Make a big dose of food at the weekend and freeze that at the right size. In that way you are able to just defrost the food during the weekdays. I admit, it is a little boring way to spend the Sunday, but you will thank yourself at the weekdays.
  5. If you are not ready to snip those hours away from your weekend, make the food preparation easy to your self in another way. Everyone knows the tip to make a big bowls of soup etc. that you are able to eat at many days. The other tip is to make some shared plates and by that way have some luxury to your weekday. You can use the day old soup as a filling starter and after that you are able to serve something like a cheese plate or charcuterie board.

In what ways you simplify your life – or do you even do that?

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