The week at my Walk-in Closet

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I write less often about the style and fashion, but I decided to give it a go. So with out the further ado, welcome to the week in my walk-in closet!

Due to the fact that there is summer still left (let´s all just keep saying that, maybe it will come true), I wore these sandals while shopping at the city – despite of the rain. Every time I wear them I am amazed about the fact that shoes can feel sooooo comfortable.

I usually do not like the not-real jewels’ but this Swarovski crystal necklace is so adorable. The tone of the colour is so sweet and girly so that it makes me feel good. You can find so much nice thing from Swarovski. The occasion, when I put these on, was the parent’s night at school.

This dress is one of my favourites. It is so old that I do not even remember where I bought it, but it does make me feel like princess. I wore this dress at the evening event (oddly on Wednesday I want to add..!).

I ordered this cap online although I knew it might be too small. The info box said that it is a size that’s fit all. Than sounds very interesting… And no, I do not a huge head, the cap ended up being (big) children’s size… Bummer.

Such a glimmer! I walked around twice in this week shining like the sun.

This little children’s My Little Pony umbrella, which I found from the car, saved me from getting completely wet, while running errands.

What clothes have you wore this week – the raincoat or a summer top? Luckily the answer is not (just yet) a winter jacket..!

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