How lovely Smartphone Cases!

Smartphone case white_Westend Mum

I have found the Amazon webstore. And that is sooooo bad thing, because I tend to buy random things from there. This time it was smartphone cases.

It is so convenient that you are able to put your cards to the smartphone case. In this way you do not have to carry your purse everywhere and are able to move more lightly. My old case had live it´s time so it was it was time to get new one.

I found many beautiful cases, which – like always – hardly anyone delivered them to here in Finland, but then I found these two cases! You are able to put your drivers licence to the pink one so that the picture shows under the plastic. The white one does not have that possibility, but there are also few slots to the cards. The white one is suitable for parties, because I can only imagine what will happen to the decorations, if it shakes in the bag at everyday life.

Funny how little things can make you happy. The children also did like these smartphone cases and cannot wait until they could have those also.

What kind of smartphone case you have – or do you even use one?

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