The Chanterelle Crepes

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Chanterelle is a delicious mushroom, which you are able to have at the fall time. Like you may have noticed, I do like it a lot and was exited when I found this crepe recipe with the chanterelle! This dish suits for the first course very well or as a light main course.

I made the chanterelle crepes by using the regular crepe mix: 5 dl of milk, 2 peace’s of eggs, 3 dl of flour and a hint of salt mixed together and leaved to stand for a while. Then I made the crepes at the butter.

A the same time I made the filling by frying the chanterelle mushrooms as well as the stems of a onion, seasoned with salt and black pepper. I filled the crepes with the mushroom filling and tight it up with the chive.

The dish is quite easy to make, if you are a pro with the making crepes. I am not, so I had to make few of them in order to get one beautiful… But the dish was good, so you should try it!

Do you like the falls mushroom season or is it something you do not appreciate about?

Here are other chanterelle recipes, which I have made this fall: gluten free chanterelle pie and chanterelle sauce.

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