Interested in Vegetarism – 7 Tips How to get Started

Do the words like chia seeds, sprout, fennel and Brussels sprout make you feel annoyed? I do understand. When I hear those words I think of birds and soil – not food.

Eating more veggies is much more than that. It´s diversity may surprise you – although it should not, due to the fact that there are so much more vegetables that animal species, whose meat we eat.

I have kind of unnoticed started to add more veggie meals to my nutrition. I have not even tried to avoid meat, I have been only looking for a light dishes. My attention is not to shift as a vegetarian, but just to be more aware.

If you are interested in changing your diet to more vegetarian way, with out missing any flavours, here are 7 steps how to be more like vegetarian!

  1. When you are eating more veggie style, you should eat more often and in small doses. Quick and easy carries on snacks are for example peanuts and almonds.
  2. Do you actually know to where and how the different vegetables can be used? Start by familiarizing your self with one veggie at time, by reading a recipes and trying new things.
  3. That reminds me that inventing new veggie recipes might be quite hard if the only thing what is in your mind is sausage sauce. You should look for the award winning vegetarian cookbooks, where you can find new ideas.
  4. Not that many of us fries bacon on weekday mornings, but many of us eat a sandwich – with the cold cuts. Your breakfast sandwiches are going to be soooo good (and filling!), when you make them using the garlic flavoured cottage cheese or cream cheese with blue berries.
  5. Going to a restaurant. Yes, it so easily goes this way that you sit to the table and open the menu and look for the biggest and heaviest stake meal there is. You should start by checking the veggie side of the menu and it´s selection. If there is nothing besides the traditional green salad I still encourage you to fight against the desire to look for the stakes by checking up the fish dishes. Fortunately the restaurants are more aware about the different kind of diets and have better and comprehensive menus.
  6. The Pizza Day will not get ruined, although you cannot have the normal Bolognese or Hawaii pizzas. We ordered pizza in these three different nights. At every time I took the optional four flavour pizza, trying to find the perfect veggie pizza. At last I found it! My favourite vegetarian pizza is (right now at least): champion mushroom, tomato, rucola and sour cream. Yum…
  7. And again, the last step is just to be more forgiving to your self! There is no need to jump for being vegetarian, just the reducing the meat eating make good for you!

What are you ways to reduce eating meat or adding more veggies (which way you want to put it) into your diet? Or are you a 100 % meat eater?

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