13 Tips for Organizing our Home

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Are there socks laying behind the door, toys under the couch seat or do you find shoes from the drawer or school books from the bathroom? There are many reasons for clutter, but usually the matter is all about organizing.

So how can you keep the house organized, although there are moving objects like husbands (yes, you can blame men) and children? Here are few tips, which helps you to fight against the chaos!

  1. Put the little carpet under the shoe wrack, so it is easy just to pick it up and shake outside.
  2. Always trying to find your keys? Use the little boxes near the front door, where everyone can put their keys when they come home.
  3. If you have lots of umbrellas and they take a lot room from the cabinet, you should get a tall vase and place them into it. The vase is at the same time beautiful décor.
  4. Mail is such a headache. The letters tents to spread around the house and after few hours you do not even find them anymore. The answer is this wall-mounted shelf for the mails.
  5. Use the locker mat at the draw in your study room so the pencils do not fly around the drawer. You could also put some of the other items, like stapler etc. into a little back, in order to keep them nice and tight.
  6. Okay, I know this might sound a little bit laborious at first, but trust me it is forth it. When you buy coffee, flour and thing like that, place them into these jars in order to avoid a draw filled with bags, which mostly are broken from the corners and leaking everywhere.
  7. Now everyone knows the little lockers, which you can buy from IKEA and place at your drawer to keep things neat. How about using those at your suitcase also? In that way you can find things so much easier.
  8. You could place laundry bags in every children’s room so that they are able to put they own dirty clothes to the bag in the end of the day. If you expect them to go all the way to the laundry room… Well, the journey will perhaps be too long for the little one and the clothes end up to the floor.
  9. Take advantage of the wall space also and put thing hanging.
  10. Also the door nubs are great places to hang things!
  11. If there is not that much space, remember to use the corner shelves!
  12. Another tip to a small space is to use wall cabinets, which are very narrow. You can place the books there front ahead.
  13. Are you still using the big desktop computer? You can have so much more space to the table if you install the display to the wall.

What kind of tricks do you have on your sleeve in order to get the house organized?

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