5 x Hostess Gifts in different Situations

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When we are invited to a dinner party or some other occasions, we try to make an effort and bring something with us to thank the hostess and host. I did write a little bit about this matter earlier, when was talk about the summer gift for the summer cottage trips.

You do not have to invent the wheel again, but just to have one great idea in the back round and tune it a little bit every time, in order to complement the specific person. Here are few gifts that we gave during this summer and beginning of fall.

An evening soiree with pregnant couple. I get a basket, where I put the items, which suits for the baby’s gender. Hello, the becoming parents are so happy to have a boy and they seriously want to take him to the soccer or ice hockey plays. So no unisex things in that family! So I also filled the basket with traditional “boyish” things and colours.

I ended put into the basket some baby’s items, soooo mini size diapers, toy, book, (way too big) cap and so cute shoes. For the parents I added earplugs and baby magazines (English versions, because I know the mother to be is ordering the Finland’s most read Baby magazine) and obviously some sparkling and treats, for the future celebrations.

Then I wrapped the whole thing to cellophane and tied it up with baby blue ribbon. I was so upset when I (too late of course) realized that it would have been awesome if I had had It´s a Boy balloon with it.

Formal dinner party, but in the house of very well known couple. For really formal dinner party I would not bring the basket like personal gift but a more conservative one. But in this occasion we knew the hostess and host so well that I decided to bring more personal gift.

They were a couple who just looooves coffee and goes on every café in this country – and in every country they are in. That´s why I added the basket coffee themed items, like this cognac and toffee flavoured coffee, which I had purchased from the city of Tallinn, Estonia. They also do like the brand Villeroy & Boch, so I placed few coffee cups from their favourite series New Wave. Then I packed a kitchen towel and a pack of coffee serviettes. A beautiful flower bouquet brought it all together and again I wrapped the whole thing to cellophane with a bow this time.

Birthday party, where was no present rule. Well, you cannot go participate with out some kind of present, don´t you think so? So in addition to the flowers I bought this little Alessi The birthday girl was such a huge baker so I thought that something related to that would be nice idea. So I baked these delicious cinnamon buns, which I placed inside of a baking cloth, which the children did.

Simply but delicious gift! I did not wrap it on anything, so that the smell of the fresh baked cinnamons rolls would float in the air.

For the convalescent. It was so easy to invent the inside of this basket, due to the fact that the receiver was such a foodie. It is not a good idea that the convalescent is standing beside the stove while the resting would be more better idea, so this time I did concentrate in real food.

I made her a dinner for the night, by using salmon, potatoes and chanterelle mushrooms in the sauce. Then I packed also the ground beef and paprika pie for the upcoming dinners and some cauliflower and garlic soup for the freezer. For the practical reasons I had to packed all these to oh so beautiful containers. Flowers to go with it and it were finished.

Again, for the practical reasons I packed these at a basket, but there were no anything special on that this time. But hey, the thought wins the appearance problems!

Formal event. What to bring along, if there is a not that well known hostess and host and the party was formal? Yep, no basket this time!

Sometimes the most simply and predictable gift is the best, like flowers and champagne. Boring? Maybe, but it sure is safe bet! Although it would be a smart thing to do, that you do not bring along the most inexpensive ten euros sparkling wine, but to spend a little bit more for the quality in these kind of occasions. And right after saying that I add that you definitely should not get your self to bankruptcy by purchasing too expensive champagne, there are something between the lowest and the highest.

In this case it is not desirable to pack the gift to a particularly showy packed but to a more modest way. I do not have a picture this time, because we were such a rush that there was no time to get the camera. The husband was running late (it was NOT me. That is my statement and I am sticking up with it.)

What are your guaranteed succeed when it comes to hostess gift?

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