How to make Mondays so that they not suck

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Yeap, it is here again…. Monday. The beginning of a workweek. The end of the free time. The Early morning awakening and the whole treadmill is ahead of you. Most of us just want to throw the alarm clock to the wall and keep on sleeping. But the world does not wait, so you just have to get up. So, how can we make the day even a slightly more tolerable? Can Mondays be the best day of the week?

  1. The fresh flowers are so beautiful! Place the vase filled with fresh flowers to your night stand so that it is one of the first things you see when you open your eyes.
  2. Okay, I know this advice is just annoying, BUT make sure you clean the kitchen and other surfaces on Sunday. It is soooooo irritating to slouch to the kitchen and try to find the coffee maker, while your brains are still asleep and not be able to find it due to the dirty dishes and yesterday’s take-a-way containers. It sure is more fun to slouch to the clean kitchen.
  3. Snoozing is the sin of many of us (or is it really a sin), but put your alarm clock waking you a little bit earlier. If you want to use that time to snooze, then snooze, but I am talking now about the quiet time. When your clock wakes you 10 minutes earlier, you are able to read your smartphone in peace and do not have to jump up straight away.
  4. Music is one way to switch the irritation to a joy. Turn on your favourite music (more upbeat the better), which makes you feel happy and gives a little bit boost.
  5. We usually think that weekends are the right times for feast and when the everyday life comes, you should only eat crisp bread and drink water. What if you would treat yourself on Monday with this amazing breakfast (which you obviously have done a day before to the fridge, because who has time to do it on Monday morning)…
  6. If you have planned to go to the trip, you should definitely book the trip on Monday. You will feel instantly better and the day will go much faster. And the same actually goes the other way around also, so make sure you book your dentist appointment on Fridays.
  7. If it is possible, try to make Mondays quite rush free zone, so not that much hobbies to that day. It is a day, when we all should just sit by the fire and read book and just take some time to our selves.

What do you think, are you the one who jumps from the bed happily because it is Monday or would you just want to skip the whole day?

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