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Do you like avocado, but you are sick and tired of eating it always at the same way? I collected some funny new ideas on how to use old ingredients. See if your old favourite can be found from the list – with a new life!

Avocado is sooooo delicious and many of us stuff it to a salad. This green gold can also eat as…

…a fried version (so light…). So just dip the avocado slices to a salted flour, then to egg mixture and finally to the breadcrumb. Then fry them and they are finished!

…stuffed with eggs. You can make this treat just by cracking an egg to the hole in avocado (scoop out some avocado if the hole is too little). Then fry it in a pan (lid on) so that the egg white suits for your taste. If the egg is not cooking well enough, sprinkle some water to the pan and close the lid. After the egg is ready, season the avocados and that is that!


You can eat carrots in kind of old forms, like…

…in a shot. Everyone knows the carrot juice, but carrot shot is another thing. Just boil, drain and cool down the carrots. Mix them up in a blender with some orange juice (1:1) and finally with some ice.

…as a carrot hummus, which is a great dip! Again boil the carrots and drain them. Mix up in a blender with some tahini, lemon juice, garlic, cumin and salt. Add parsley to the top.


Cucumber is probably best as it, but you can get creative with cucumber also, like…

…a cucumber popsicle. You can taste some spices also in these are really freshening and hydration popsicles. Mix together sliced cucumber (peeled and no seeds) and ad some chilli season, sugar and lime juice for your liking. Strain the finish product before you pour it into the dish. Sink a few cucumber slices to the mixture, add the sticks and freeze. Not a great eye candy, but quite a refreshing taste!

…a drink. Shake together vodka and (half portion from that) triple sec with ice, lime juice, herbs and cucumber. Garnish with cucumber slices.


Strawberry is a summery treat, which tastes amazing with some ice cream or whipped cream. Despite that I encourage you to try…

…strawberry butter. Yes! I know, it sounds quite odd, but you may be surprised. Do the strawberry butter in the same way that almost any other flavoured butter, by smashing the strawberries and softened butter together. You can add a little bit of sugar also, if you want to have more sweet butter. Then just freeze the mixture. Strawberry butter goes with many things, toast, crackers…

…as a choice for candy. You can make some great treats from strawberries, which can be eaten instead of candy. Put the berries to the pan with about the same amount of juice. You can use either lemon juice (that makes the treats a little bit more tangier) or a orange juice (makes sweeter). After the berries have softened, pour the mixture to the blender. And the right amount of gelatine (which has been melted to a hot juice) in and mix away. Flavour with honey as your tasting. Pour to a dish and put in a fridge to set. After setting cut the right side cubes. These are great snacks from the freezer!


Potato is great as…

…a soup. This potato soup is made by smashing the potato’s with the previously pan softened onion and garlic, and with a cream and / or sour cream. If you need some texture to the soup, you can add croutons.

…chocolate cake! This may sound a weird, but the cake was good! The potato chocolate cake is made as easy as possible by mixing together 1,5 dl of smashed potato, 1,5 dl of sugar, 3,5 dl of flour, 2 tea spoon of baking powder, 110g of dark chocolate and the same amount of butter, vanilla extract, 2 eggs and 1,5 dl of cream. Bake in 175 Celsius about an hour.


Were there some new ideas to you, which you would like to try?

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