Sweet Bun Shake

Korvapuustipirtelo_Westend Mum

Yeah, I know, sounds kind of weird – and it actually is. The idea is fun and I know the bun mice likes this. My unsuspecting taster and I did not like the texture of the shake because it was too granular.

I grabbed this recipe from some magazine so the recipe is not coming from my head. Or actually just now it did, because I did not have the actual recipe anymore so I had to remember the ingredients. I just baked the pre made dough, which I had in my freezer. Then I put some ice and foaming vanilla custard to the blender and shake them a little bit. Then I added the cooled bun as pieces and put the machine on for a bit.

The bun was good. The shake was interesting. That tells you all… Either way, if you are a bun lover, you should try this.

The 4. of October is the Korvapuustipäivä (bun day..?) here in Finland, so I guess we all eat buns that day. That means, if the people are aware of this day. Not the biggest party day here thought.

Do you like to bake buns or what you offer at the coffee table?

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