It is Time for Breakfast Bread!

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Do you just love sandwiches in the morning, BUT are you fed up with the same kind of bread over and over again? If bread is your thing, why not do it as best as possible! And just maybe a little bit healthier than the average butter, cheese and ham version.

Here are few options to choose from!

Gravlax is sooooo delicious, like I have hyped in here before. I have made tartar of it, now I am going to stuff it to the breakfast bread. Put some cream cheese top of the rye bread and place the gravlax together with the spring onions to the top. This is quite traditional islander type of bread.

Another red one is toast topping was made of the strawberry butter, which I have told you about earlier.

This light but in the same time quite strong flavored bread is made by squeezing the garlic into the cottage cheese (as well as a little bit white pepper) and mixing them up. Garnish with a spring onion.

Like you may have heard before, I do like the chanterelle mushrooms. I have made chanterelle sauce, chanterelle pie and crepes out of chantarelles and now I present to you this warm bread. I just put normal butter on a toast and then I placed this really good and creamy chanterelle and onion mixture on top of the bread. I seasoned it with salt and pepper and garnished with some parsley.

This oh so happy and colourful rye bread is coated with avocado and coriander mash and with a little bit of chilli.

Okay, now we are quite high up there, BUT this roe sandwich… What could beat that..! This might not be really realistic weekday breakfast bread, but maybe for a weekend mornings?

What was your favourite?

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