Sautéed Reindeer

This traditional and sooooo delicious sautéed reindeer suits so well as a late fall days meal when it is cold and wet. Sautéed reindeer is prepared by frying the sliced onions and bacon at the mixture of butter and oil. After that I added 500 g of reindeer meat (frozen), which was cut sooooo thinly. I let the reindeer meat to melt, turning it in time to time. This point I did season it with salt and black pepper. When the meat had browned, I added a little bit flour to it, as a thickener. Then I poured 2 dl of (white) beer to the mix and 2,5 dl of water. After adding the meat stock to the pot I put the lit on and placed the whole thing into the 175 Celsius oven for about one hour.

Sautéed reindeer and mash potatoes go so well together, as well as a rye bread. Many of us like to add also some lingonberry jam to the top. This is one of the best recipes for the chilly fall days!

Is the sautéed reindeer also your favourite?

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